By Richard Patterson


Science Fiction Novel

Meet Davie and his family and follow Davie’s experience while he attempts to make ordinary what starts out being most extraordinary.

Davie, a communications specialist, is also a Day Walker who has been given special powers through his DNA. These special powers allow him to be transported through a continuum that has no reference to time to visit a community of people who have escaped the boundaries of Earth.

Travel with Davie from the time he is a boy as he is invited to explore miraculous alternatives to healing the human body and unravel day-to-day criminal activity with tools that defy normal human interventions. Walk in his footsteps as he struggles with being chosen and uncovers his core values through his desire to serve mankind.

By Richard Patterson


Science Fiction Novel

How Much Courage Would it Take?

The story continues. Davie has now transported the full contingent of Apple River team members to Earth. With that comes the start of Phase 2 in their three-phase plan to counter the effects of long-term social engineering that were allowed to happen to most of civilization.

The stakes had never been higher to save humanity than now. Totalitarianism had rooted and would be hard to dislodge. They would start with one community and build from there. Such a plan would require swift and accurate execution if it stood a chance of succeeding. Join Davie in this second book in the Day Walker series as he helps to bridge the gap between everyday people and the ruling classes.

Put yourself in the shoes of Davie or Cass his wife and imagine the journey they are on to save humanity. Could you devote your life to such a plan? Would you have the courage to participate in such a transformation? Changing the culture of mankind is not for the faint of heart.

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